Game: Under Pressure


I would like to introduce my new game: Under Pressure. I created this game few months ago, not sure when. This game is about prejudice and love. Also, this game is a metaphor about our society.

One very important thing about this game, it is only a game. Some people will receive the job to be mean, this include sexism and racism. That doesn’t mean the players is really a bad person or think what he/she said was true.

This game can be very hard for some people, so it is really necessary debrief after each play. Debrief after the experience is important to help the players organize their ideas and realize that the game was only a game. Please do not skip this part.

This game is a short game, which last for 7 minutes split up in two acts. It holds minimum of 4 and maximum of 6 players. It is not necessary a facilitator or organizers in order to play Under Pressure.

If you can, try to play it more then once switching the roles between couple and society. Also, if you are bold enough, play with homosexual couples.

Hope you enjoy the game, and please let me know what you think. If you run this game, please let me know how it was.

The link for the game:


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