A Night of Poems 

At November 22nd, 2014 I went to Hamilton to play Linda’s Birthday Party (you can read more about it here), which is a game where the player portray kids from 4 to 6 years that are going to Linda’s birthday party. The larp seems to be a light one, but I didn’t have the chance to play it because 6 of 10 people canceled their attendance in the last 3 hours before the game. Since we had few people coming we decided to cary on the meeting, but with different games. I suggested to the organizer two games: Three of Me, and Good Night, Darlings, and we spent around 3 and half hours playing them.

We were 5 people and we started with Three of Me, which is a really interesting game to know other people in a different way. The idea of the game is: one of the player says a statement about other player, doesn’t matter if it is true or not, but for the purpose of the game it is true. The player who receives the statement has to tell three real facts about his/her history that supports the statement. For example you can say: Tell us why you are the most interesting person in the world, or maybe: Tell us why you are the most beautiful person in the world. This game intends to be played for 20 minutes, but we played it for 2 and half hours.

The game suggests to use three real facts to support the statement another player gives to us, and that comes the interesting part of the game. When the game starts to get deeper, people usually stop using examples and change the statement into a question, and then answer it. When players are not given real examples, it is easier to moderate what they are going to say. By answer the statements as a question makes the game less harder in terns of sharing personal facts with strangers. On the other hand, when players tell real facts, it becomes much more deeper and the level of intimacy increase. Another interesting part about this game is the number three. The first two examples are relatively easy to think, but usually the third one we need to dig deeper into ourselves to find it, which makes the game really interesting.

The second game Good Night, Darlings is an awesome game! The game is about a creator and his/her creations, the darlings. One of the players will be the creator and s/he will communicate to the group what s/he does. For example, we played the game four times, and the creators were: famous horror writer, God, scientist, kindergarten teacher who discovery a way to teach people to think by themselves. In the end of the game the creator is going to kill his/her darlings no matter what happens. Once the creator introduces what s/he does the other players will tell what darlings, creations, they will role-play. When I was the creator, I choose to be God, and the darlings were: Wisdom, Hope, and the Big Bang. The game is pretty much a debate where the darlings try to persuade the creator that s/he is wrong about killing them, but the creator always kill them in the end. When the creator was the kindergarten teacher, the darlings were: an ex-student who became the leader of a nation, a current kindergarten student, and with the intention to create bleed (the mixture of emotions and/or feelings between player and character) I choose to be his/her own 3 years old son/daughter.

Although I didn’t have the chance to play Linda’s Birthday Party and be a 4 years old boy jealous about his sister Linda, the birthday girl, I had the chance to play those two awesome games, and the night was more than worthwhile =]

Thank you for organizing the meeting and invite me! =]


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