Game Contest – FVM2015

During the Carnival in Brazil there is a game contest called: Faça Você Mesmo Criação de Jogos (Do Yourself Game Creation). You can access the contest page here (in Portuguese).

The game must use one Experience, and two Inspirations or one inspiration and a Design Goal. There are six experiences, eight inspirations, and 4 design goals. The game Experiences are:

  • Detachment
  • Censure
  • Vengeance
  • Ineffable
  • Discrimination
  • Thrilling

The inspirations are:

  • Neighbourhood
  • Oversee
  • Fusion
  • Glass
  • Horn
  • π
  • Speed
  • Tact/Touch

The design goals are:

  • 4th wall
  • Graphic
  • Bureaucracy
  • Disposable

I designed to games for this contest. The first one I created in less than two hours and it is called Farewell. The second game is called In 1950

Farewell is a game, I would say a Role Play Poem, to overcome psychological obstacles that prevent us to achieve our desires. The game is for 5-8 players and its duration depends on the number of players. The game was inspired in Good night, darling by Matthijs Holter. The game uses detachment as the experience, fusion as the inspiration and 4th wall as the design goal.

In 1950 is a freeform game about a high society family in 1950s and the two black servants. The game was designed for 6 players plus a facilitator and it lasts for 4 hours. In 1950 is a strong game and it talks about prejudice and discrimination. I inspired myself in Model Protectorates by Moyra Turkington and my own game The Wanderers, that will be published soon. The game uses discrimination as the experience and two inspirations: neighbourhood and oversee.

Although I designed two games, I can only submit one, which will be In 1950.

To download the games click in the following links:


In 1950 (only in Portuguese, I will translate it into English in the future)


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