Hypnosis the art of believing.

Hypnosis is the art of communication!

Most people believe hypnosis is fake or some sort of a trick, and for those exact same reasons I tried to discover the secret and realize that there is no secret, it is real!!!

Hypnosis can be used as a form of therapy and also as form of entertainment. Hypnosis is the most fascinating thing I ever discovered in life. As a hypnotist my job is to demonstrate how powerful our minds are, and guide people to experience something unique that they will remember for the rest of their lives.

A Stage Hypnosis show is incredible because the audience are the stars of the show. It is an interactive and active form of entertainment where people get amazed by what their friends can do.

If you are looking for a really interesting, curious and fascinating form to see life and humans beings, hypnosis is for you!!!


My newest hypnosis show is called: Riverdale Mansion Thematic Hypnosis Show. The audience will have the opportunity to take a tour in a spooky mansion called Riverdale. The weird things that happened at the house will be demonstrated live to the audience. Check out the teaser video for the show.

Riverdale Mansion Thematic Hypnosis Show

Another show I performe is called Hypnoshow, and you can check the teaser below.

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