My Games – Meus Jogos


Milestones is a larp for 3 to 7 players and it lasts 2 hours. The game is about a Character who is at the moment to commit suicide and revisiting their memories in order to make the final decision. One player is going to watch a memory role-played by the remaining players, and in then make […]

ICU - Jonny Garcia - Larp


ICU is a freeform larp wrote for Golden Cobra Challenge 2015 ( ICU last for two hours and it needs 4 players plus facilitator. This larp is about empathy and the famous saying that empathy is our ability to step in somebody’s shoes. I had the idea for this game after I watch the Ted […]

Sore - Jonny Garcia - Larp


Sore is a larp for 4 to 8 participants that is four hours long. This larp is about the history of a family that got lost through life and forget about each other. Sore intends to enlighten players to the idea that life is about the existence at the present moment and the connections we […]

Significant by Jonny Garcia - Game Chef 2015


Significant is a larp that last for 2 hours and half for at least 5 players with no maximum limit. It was designed to be played in a public place . A character named Dreamer is dreaming and players are Dreamer’s psychic projections assuming the role of someone who is related to the Dreamer such […]

Faces of Existence by Jonny Garcia

Faces of Existence

Faces of Existence is about life, the last moment of life. The entire game happens in a fraction of a second. The main character just committed suicide and now his/her entire life is going through his/her eyes in slow motion. One second that last forever. The game is about only one character and the people […]

Larp 60 Minutes - Jonny Garcia

60 Minutes

60 Minutes recreates a hostage situation commonly seen on movies where the police has to negotiate in order to try to save a family. 60 Minutes is a larp for 6 to 8 players plus a facilitator and it last for 2 hours including debrief.     60 Minutos recria o ambiente comumente visto em […]

My Life by Jonny Garcia

My Life / Minha vida

My Life is an easy larp to run. It is a game about the life of a character. By the end of the game you will be able to tell his/her life story. The game is divided in three acts, and each act has multiple scenes. The game starts from the end and move towards the begging […]

The Trial by Jonny Garcia

The Trial / O Julgamento

This larp is about a trial between two suspects accused of murder. This game needs five players, and also it accommodates an audience in the role of a jury. The game will last for 2 hours plus some preparation time before the game, which will take about 10 minutes.     Este larp é sobre […]

jonny garcia freeform game in 1950

Em 1950 / In 1950

In 1950 is a freeform game about a high society family in 1950s and the two black servants. The game was designed for 6 players plus a facilitator and it lasts for 4 hours. In 1950 is a strong game and it talks about prejudice and discrimination. I inspired myself in Model Protectorates by Moyra Turkington and my own game The Wanderers, that […]

Farewell / Dizendo Adeus

Farewell is a game, I would say a Role Play Poem, to overcome psychological obstacles that prevent us to achieve our desires. The game is for 5-8 players and its duration depends on the number of players. The game was inspired in Good night, darling by Matthijs Holter. The game uses detachment as the experience, fusion as the […]

Hard Days

Hard Days happens in a post-apocalyptical world, where a zombie epidemic almost killed the human race. Even though this game has some basic and simple combat rules, it was designed to put the players in spotlight and force than to make hard decisions. The game was designed for the Golden Cobra Challenge . Hard Days don’t need […]

Under Pressure / Sob Pressão

Under Pressure is a role play poem about prejudice and love. Also, this game is a metaphor about our society. One very important thing about this game, it is only a game. Some people will receive the job to be mean, this include sexism and racism. That doesn’t mean the players is really a bad person or think what […]